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MSI Apache Pro GE72VR 6RF Laptop Review

Pro GE72VR 6RF


MSI Apache Pro GE72VR 6RF Laptop Review

MSI Apache Pro GE72VR 6RF Laptop Review

I’ve never really been on board with gaming laptops. They are expensive and often bulky and noisy, and especially much slower than their desktop counterparts. Pascal’s range of NVIDIA, however, has a bit of rejuvenated interest in gaming laptops, not least from party desktop performance, and deleted the last level of return on laptops games.

One of the companies most affected MSI, which is the most impressive portable game we’ve seen for a long time. Game devilishly thin ultrabook laptops with large mechanical play keyboards, there is something for everyone in its genesis. Its main sales argument across the board is to provide the office grade and RV performance in a gaming notebook.

MSI Pro GE72VR 6RF Gaming The System

Pro GE72VR 6RF

GE MSI series is the (less expensive or) more “affordable” version of MSI GT series of portable high-level, a lighter and smaller offer for more mobility base. A performance some options to dispense so that the notebook MSI Gaming Pro GE72VR 6RF Apache is limited to just 1.060 GTX graphics cards and missing Tobii.  Not a benchwarmer; The 1060 GTX enough 1080P games with ease in its beautiful “17.3 monitor drive.

The GE72VR 6RF Apache Pro is a monstrously expensive laptop, ranging from about 000 R29 (Windows), with rising prices based on additional RAM, NVMe SSD, or swap level 60Hz standard screen 1080P IPS screen optional 120Hz 5ms or 4K display. If you start adding the cost of a desktop set with the same variety set, you pay a premium of around 000 R12 of all mobile fingering results.

So what is achieved with an R12 000 bonus on a desktop system? In addition to the mobility of laptops offered, GE72VR 6RF Apache Pro respects respectable specifications: Full quad core i7, the 6700HQ processor (with hyperthreading) level 1080p IPS screen, 8GB memory DDR4 2133MHz 17.3 “and a GeForce GTX 1060 6GB. This particular test had a 256 NVMe GB, 16 GB RAM and hard drive 1 TB standard 7200 RPM.

It comes with the standard range of portable goodies based, like the DVD-R, Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165, 6 Cell 51W / h Battery and 4 x 2 Watt Speakers and Subwoofer 3 Watts of its new Dynaudio system Their laptops. For everything to run smoothly, use the MSI cooler to keep your four technology Increase the temperature and noise under control.

MSI Pro GE72VR 6RF Puffing Up

Gaming laptops often strive to be aggressive and intimidating. I think for the smaller animals seem bigger and more dangerous prey swell, or in this case, the overcompensation of their desktop counterparts. Analogies aside, MSI have found a good balance between the search moderately aggressive and elegant, with events and barely noticeable only visible grilles sinking in the rear.


MSI Pro GE72VR 6RF Performance

A new trend in gaming laptops available, you can upgrade components like RAM, HDD / SSD and even a GPU or two. However, MSI seems to have existed exceptionally in it, and send the laptop GE72VR 6RF, which was hit with a stamp of dubious guarantee of a bolt. In general, gaming laptops have developed some trap or alternative method for a sector with a laptop as an access port not under guarantee fragile small RAM on the HDD / SSD or even M.2 port.

The NVMe SSD was why a level of discomfort from the heat was on the touch panel, and you can see why in the temperature tests. 59 degrees (paid), which, although they run entirely in line with full speed, makes pretty sweet your palm. Perhaps right things when MSI branched off cooling tubes in your refrigerator boost 4 to keep NVMe?

Speaking of that, you can see the Boost Cooler 4 with Office 1060 GTX to get most of the cooling tubes while the CPU and GPU draw their dedicated fans from the heat.


Software and Battery life

Gaming laptop was very helpful, especially the partnership with MSI SteelSeries Engine 3 and Gamesense use. My 100 Steel Rival parts were made by SteelSeries Engine 3 software, which allows me to adjust macros and settings to my mouse instantly – an addition in order if you have peripherals of steel. Moreover, Profile Gamesense game, which lets you configure your RGB lighting to respond to various events in the match, as it’s current or recordings that hit the CS Manna: cependantGO are an intelligent game but without shame. In general, inflammation of the software on the MSI is GE72VR v. However, the Norton Anti-Virus is provided as irritating as the worst virus, it still appears activate now.

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With R 29 000, it is not a huge boost, but the cost of filling all desktop performance in a portable form factor without sacrificing too much power.

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