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WWE Smackdown 1st November 2016 Results


WWE Smackdown 1st November 2016 Results

WWE Smackdown 1st November 2016 Results The war for survival begins

WWE Smackdown 1st November 2016 Results

WWE Smackdown this week took place at the Prudential Center in Newark. New Jersey. Here were all the action went down wattle.

AJ Styles Ellsworth James Dean Ambrose’s forgiveness interrupted

AJ Styles Ellsworth James Dean Ambrose's forgiveness interrupted

Dean Ambrose cost of a victory over AJ Styles after last week, James Ellsworth Smackdown ring madman killed his best to offer the sincerest of apologies. Clearly angry but willing to listen, Ambrose Ellsworth an ultimatum: she was forgiven, but he was facing the wrong side of the dirty deeds ever again if he ever interfered in one of his matches.
And then WWE Champion AJ Styles, Ellsworth decided to make an appearance are caught in the middle. Styles for peace talks, although there was not one, with a phenomenal forearm crazy fringe attack and later in the night to set a new main event.

Randy Orton defeated Kane in a No Disqualification match.

Randy Orton defeated Kane in a No Disqualification match.

Just what is happening lately with the Viper? Bray Wyatt and his clan after weeks of feuding, Orton seemingly turned on Kane last week and pledged allegiance to the world eater. After former colleagues do not hold back with the request for a piece of the top predator Kane, Orton and Kane, which led to a brutal match that had no beginning.


But Luke Harper Bray Wyatt had other ideas, Smackdown ring around an RKO out of nowhere and make an appearance in long enough for Orton to stop distracting the Big Red Machine. Beatdown After the match Kane later suffered as a sister Abigail Bray Wyatt Monster with a certain message is sent.

Becky Lynch and Nikki Bella defeated Alexa ecstasy and Carmella


Survivor Series may be around the corner, but Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch number one contender Alexa ecstasy and Carmella and immediate threat faced from some tag team action as he teamed up with Nikki Bella. A scrappy bout, both teams went back and forth in the ring and slams as they recorded losses.


But Alexa was on fire in ecstasy, Lynch following a rake to the eyes with a DDT. After the match, he also claims Carmella Raw, Smackdown, not women against Nikki Bella went on to lead the team. It really was not a good night for the face.

American alpha SmackDown traditional Survivor Series Tag Team Elimination -10 10 qualifying match defeated the Spirit Squad


Survivor Series elimination match will see the normal five on five, but there are also some far bigger this year will be the best tag teams in WWE a 10-10 match attribute. American Alpha, wanted a piece of the action for a chance at glory as they clashed with the Spirit Squad. Jordan and Chad Gable were in fine form, Kenny and Mikey blow for blow aggression match Milan and capping it off with a grand dimension to victory.

Daniel Bryan on Miz TV guy Smackdown Survivor Series team announced LIVE


So just who represented the team at Survivor Series will be blue? Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, Baron Corbin and none other than WWE champ AJ Styles himself: Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan WWE Universe to tell the team the Blue team will be made up in the following superstars arrived.


And so Miz was not happy at the idea of being excluded. Bryan and Miz exchanged a warm, an Intercontinental Championship rematch with Dolph Ziggler last week to accept a stroll around their refusal. Miz though Brian was having none of the usual whinging that night, have a seat and saying horrible action to see their hated enemy.


Smackdown next match and he was right then and there! Curt Hawkins blue show began, but his return was low to say the least. Hawkins superkick from Ziggler knocked out a second Bell was rung as Ziggler retained his championship in record time while Miz looked on. With the match over quickly, Ziggler said Miz is now waiting for his turn before he’d get another crack at the Intercontinental Championship.

Usos a traditional Survivor Series Tag Team Elimination Smackdown 10 -10 Headbangers defeated in qualifying match


Headbanger’s veteran team can emerge victorious against the Usos and booked a ticket for Survivor Series? Ha, no, not a chance. After his brother Jey Uso Mosh Jimmy rolled up her square in the face, knocked to dirty his kilt pin with an unfair advantage by using up even more.

Dean Ambrose defeated AJ Styles to become the number 1 WWE World championship contender


It finally Smackdown main event was the time as Dean Ambrose is a title he previously held before AJ Styles ago it defeated it to the new number one contender to be a chance for fighting was. James Ellsworth together at ringside, and styles Ambrose put on another classic match, as the momentum shifted continuously between the two stars.


But at the worst possible moment, Ellsworth security hot on his tail and chase all over the field with the broker made an appearance. Angry, threw Styles Ellsworth announcers across the table and returned to the ring to focus on Ambrose, but his phenomenal forearm was countered with a gut kick and nasty deeds Ambrose went on as champion to pin.
With the victory secured, Smackdown owner Shane McMahon then announced that soon will battle again for WWE Championshiop Ambrose Styles … WWE on TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs. Oh!

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